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"Bring Out Your Dead!"

If it’s an EOL (End of Life) Allen & Heath, Audio-Technica, Martin Audio or QSC product, bring it to us at TAG and we’ll ensure that it is handled in the most environmentally responsible way we have access to.

That’s our commitment as a distributor – to take EOL responsibility for the products we sell. How we handle each product is evolving and it very much depends on the state of the device, and the materials contained within. One thing is clear, if something can be passed on to one of our trusted recyclers and repaired to give it a second-life, that’s a win. Our early moves have been to enlist Arnie’s Recon who have done an excellent job of handling these processes for us, but there is always room for further improvement, so watch this space!

If the product is no longer able to be repaired, it’s all about component separation and finding the best recycling path for each material.

For Example: Bluetooth headphones contain a vast array of materials. What we’ve learnt so far is that there are effectively five waste streams available to us.

 Usually lithium with recoverable materials. We consolidated and ship these to the only on-shore battery recycler in Australia, Envirostream Australia, who do their best to recover as much of the underlying material content as is technically possible.

PCB: Contains recoverable metals. We consolidated and recycle via Arnies Recon who in turn further consolidate and ship to USA for metals extraction and other materials recovery.

Cables: Stripped for copper recovery by our own in-house metals guru Jarod Hughes.

Paper/Packaging: Recycled via our waste partner Wanless Waste Management

Remainder: Plastics, metals, headband, fibre, etc. Stuff that is too hard to separate and even if separated there’s no viable recycle path. One way or another this waste stream is headed to landfill so we’re making it as compact as possible, firstly to minimise the volume of landfill and secondly to reduce the number of truck movements required to get it there. Hello TAG Granulator. This beast takes no prisoners and granulates mixed waste streams into a very compact and bagged result less than 10% of its original volume – that’s minimising landfill and one truck movement instead of ten! 

Short story. We’ll take EOL responsibility for the products we sell and we’ll also be environmentally responsible. That’s a lot of responsibility! But that’s our commitment.

Initially our EOL welcome mat is at 43-53 Bridge Road Stanmore NSW 2048. Contact us on with any concerns or to arrange drop-off of larger items.

Product Stewardship

At TAG we’re committed to being responsible for the products we sell. We’re making continual improvements in our sustainability initiatives and we’re working with the manufacturers we represent to help us reduce environmental impact.

At this early stage of our journey, we’re focusing on e-waste as it is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Annually over 50 million metric tonnes of e-waste is generated globally. Such a massive and difficult challenge requires all players to respond, and as distributors of electronic goods, it’s something TAG must responsibly address.

We’ve assigned this dedicated web page to Product Stewardship to signify how important we think it is and to share what we are doing. Although there’s not much content right now, that's not because we haven’t been thinking about, working on and trialling ideas. 

We’ll populate this page as we make progress and waypoints. The journey will be a long and evolving one and we’re learning as we go, so please reach out if you have ideas and solutions that can help.

The North Star for our Product Stewardship initiative is the Zero Waste Hierarchy. Where possible we’re trying to find solutions at, or at least near, the top.

Zero Waste Hierarchy, Zero Waste Europe